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Why Work With Spell For A White Label Payment Gateway? Overview

Why Work With Spell For A White Label Payment Gateway? Overview

Learn about how Spell, a white label payment gateway, helps accelerate e-commerce brands and financial companies.

Payment gateways are an essential part of any e-commerce business. White label payment gateways give a wide range of companies the ability to step into the payments business.

At Spell, our experienced team is all too familiar with the challenges and downfalls of other payment gateways.

We have developed Spell to solve these problems, creating a modern white label payment gateway according to the latest UI & UX standards that accelerates the businesses of payment service providers and their clients.

What are the Benefits of a White Label Payment Gateway?

When searching for payment gateway providers, you will soon find companies, such as Spell, offering ‘white label’ services. What does this mean exactly?

Offering white label payment gateways is an incredibly useful service. E-commerce, website, and app developers and agencies regularly work with e-commerce, SaaS, and startups that need payment solutions. There are only two ways you could provide these services.

Either refer a client to a number of payment gateway options themselves. Once they pick one, it’s usually the job of developers to integrate that into an e-commerce website. Some clients do this in-house. Others outsource this work.

A better option all-around is to partner with a trusted white label provider. Putting the payment gateway solutions under your company's service offerings and branding. So that every client gets the same level of service, price advantages, and other features. At the same time, with Spell, you can accelerate a client's business while also generating numerous upsides for your own business.

Why Choose Spell as a SaaS White Label Payment Gateway?

White label payment gateways usually come with a core set of standard features, including plugins, SDKs, recurring payments, routing, and in some cases, invoicing. Of course, Spell has all of these features, plus numerous other unique features that empower partners to optimise and scale their business.

Some of the unique features that clients love, and help them scale, include the following:

#1: Real-time account balances: No matter how many accounts you are managing, within the Account section, your clients will be able to keep an eye on multiple multi-currency account balances in real-time.

#2: Digital Profile: Collect and store hassle-free all information related to opening an account according to your KYC requirements with an embedded onboarding journey, which can be connected to third-party verification services.

#3: Links for marketing campaigns: Helping to run more profitable marketing activities by creating product bundles with ordering links, which can be embedded in social media, emails, and even printed out as QR codes.

Alongside these features, there are numerous others mentioned below and many others you can only find out about when you have your Demo Tour.

More to that, Spell can unite the white label payment gateway with an e-wallet within one platform, saving clients the need to collaborate with multiple vendors and partners.

Now let’s take a closer look at why Spell is the best white label payment gateway on the market for your business.

What Other Features are Included in Spell?

Spell comes with numerous useful features, exactly what payments businesses need to accelerate their growth.

#1: Spell Front Office

Spell offers business clients a state-of-the-art online payment solution for any platform and is tailored around numerous use cases, which include:

  • RESTful API supporting Server-to-Server, Direct Post, and Redirect integration methods with Sandbox and WebhooksMobile SDKs for iOS & Android, alongside development libraries for dozens of coding language
  • Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and other ready-to-use plugins;
  • Branded payment flow, so far translated into 13 languages;
  • One-click Payments for returning clients, with multi-card tokenisation;
  • One-click actions, such as refunds and status tracking in Feed;
  • Connected to the best-in-class fraud scoring solution;
  • UI & API for Invoicing & Subscriptions management;
  • Customizable dashboards to oversee and compare business metrics;

As well as the features we’ve mentioned earlier in this post.

Of course, behind the scenes is a powerful back office, which is no less important to run the successful white label credit card processing solution.

#2: Wizard Back Office

Wizard is the back office, which will help you manage client portfolios in the most efficient way possible, solving numerous problems quickly and easily that would typically take up a load of time without creating any business value for the white label payment processor.

Spell Back Office features include:

  • Real-time payments feed and dashboards;
  • Client account management;
  • Setting payment and payout channels and pricings;
  • Setting payment and payout routing rules;
  • Setting payment and payout blocking rules;
  • Team management;

As well as several unique sections and features found nowhere else to make your life easier, which you will be able to meet during the Demo Tour.

Other Things You Should Know about Spell

Use Spell to launch payment solutions under your domain, and you will benefit from the PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform, as Visa confirms, which is built on top of the robust AWS infrastructure and runs with 99.999% uptime providing SLA’s and a transparent roadmap, which is being shared with Spell partners and synchronised with their needs.

Spell is a powerful white label payment gateway, helping any company step into or optimise the existing payments business. Clients love the range of services Spell offers, which is how we help our clients win in the payments business in the following ways:

  • Relaunch or overhaul payment gateway services in under 1 week;
  • Offer the most advanced toolkit for paying clients under one unified white label payment gateway solution;
  • Modernize the business without any risky and costly investments, such as attempting to recruit a team of developers to do this in-house when a SaaS solution is far more cost-effective;
  • Reduce fixed IT costs, taking an on-demand IT, SaaS-based approach instead.

Handle a Demo Tour, download the Spell Deck and accelerate your business with the best white label payment platform on the market! Let’s get Spelling!


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