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Links For Marketing Campaigns: What Are They, And Why Businesses Need Them?

Links For Marketing Campaigns: What Are They, And Why Businesses Need Them?

In this article, we take a closer look at Links functionality within Spell, reviewing their main features and how your business clients can benefit from them. 

One of the most exciting features within Spell, a white label payment gateway, is Links.

Links allow your business clients to embed URLs into their marketing campaigns, helping them receive direct orders, manage stock and queues, and, as a result, run more profitable marketing campaigns.

What are Links Useful for?

Links are incredibly useful for marketing campaigns, especially for businesses without a well-developed online presence or limited IT resources for marketing purposes.

Links provide an easy way for businesses to launch new sales and marketing campaigns, such as new product introductions, holiday gift sets, discounted sales, or Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals driving customers to an offer page with a fixed end goal/conversion point - making a sale within this cycle.

Links help marketing teams generate revenue from these campaigns. They also provide high-level metrics-driven visibility for sales campaigns, ensuring that marketing managers, CMOs, CROs, and CEOs can see precisely how specific campaigns are doing, with every action connecting directly to a revenue-generating KPI.

Let’s look at how you create links and the various features marketing teams need to know about.

How to Create New Links in Spell?

Creating links is easy. You don’t need coding skills or a marketing degree. It’s a simple template that can be used for any kind of B2B or B2C marketing campaign.

Businesses can find an opportunity to create and review the performance of Links in Spell’s Front Office.

#1 Step: As well as Billing, creating a Link starts by choosing the order type: if it’s a one-time purchase or a subscription will be offered;

#2 Step: Then it’s time to create a product set by entering your products and adding discounts in the order template;

#3 Step: As a result, you get a sharable link which can be shared to run campaigns across social media channels and email or SMS marketing and a branded PDF file with a QR code ready to be printed for offline marketing.

What Can You See in Each Link?

Within the Links section, businesses can see an overview of data from every link showcasing key metrics like revenue, conversion rate, or counting current statutes of related orders. This data gives executives quick, valuable insights into which products, services, and campaigns are the most profitable and need more work to generate revenue.

Features of Links within Spell

#1: Create sub-links to track results for marketing activities

The good news is that businesses aren’t restricted to creating one Link per campaign. Spell’s powerful Front Office ensures the ability to create sub-links to track results from the specific placements of the same campaign.

#2: Print out branded ordering prints with QR codes for offline activities

Links also work offline, too. When creating a Link, a branded PDF file with an order summary and QR code is automatically generated as well. So that, if a business wanted to promote a campaign/offer in-store, they could print point-of-sale marketing material with a QR code, automatically directing customers to the offer ordering page once it’s scanned.

This is perfect for B2C brands that need to produce point-of-sale marketing and advertising materials. This way, you can even direct customers to a specific offer page from adverts, whether in magazines or on the side of bus stops.

It’s equally ideal for B2B companies going to trade shows and expos. That’s how merchants can see exactly which offline activities are generating the best returns.

#3: Review incoming orders in Feed

Using links, your clients will have the ability to review orders as they’re coming in. You can do that within Feed so that every order through Links can be reviewed, accepted, or declined, for any reason, quickly and easily.

Why Pick Spell for White Label Payment Processing and Links?

Spell’s Links are an excellent way for marketing teams to embed trackable URLs into their online and offline marketing campaigns, helping them to receive direct orders, manage stock and queues, and, as a result, run more profitable marketing campaigns.

What’s more, Spell’s Links come with out-of-the-box features designed to track stock and manage ques efficiently, embedding the mechanics used by such commerce giants as IKEA — interested in knowing more? Just handle a Demo Tour, and one of the Spell executives will unleash the details during an online meeting reviewing your business case.

At its core, Spell is the white label payment gateway solution that will accelerate and grow your payments business — making it easier for you to generate more revenue, optimise operating costs, and give customers a better user experience than they would get with any other white label payment gateway provider.

Use Spell to launch a platform on your domain to start or upgrade your payments within a day. Visa confirms that Spell is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform built on a robust AWS infrastructure, with an outstanding 99.999% uptime.

Handle a Demo Tour, download the Spell Deck and accelerate your business with the best white label payment platform on the market! Let’s get Spelling!


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