Essentials Of White Label Billing Software: Features To Look For

Essentials Of White Label Billing Software: Features To Look For

In this article, you will learn which features are crucial for an efficient billing platform, what pitfalls to avoid and how Spell has got you covered, offering an affordable white label billing software united with many other payment tools within one platform.

Billing software connected with instant payments is a powerful growth tool for businesses that issue invoices and charge customers on a subscription basis.

Are you thinking of launching your own recurring or another advanced billing service? If so, then white label billing software by Spell can help you save a lot of time, energy, and money, letting you jumpstart your business right away.

White Label Billing Software Explained

White label billing software solution lets you put payment & billing services under your offerings and branding.

When you work with companies that get paid through invoices, subscriptions, or online payments from their customers, a white label billing solution could be an easy way to expand your business model with a very profitable add-on. At the same time, efficient billing software would help your clients to get paid faster while at the same time making it easier for them to bill their customers efficiently.

At Spell, we understand the challenges and downfalls of other white label payment gateway and billing providers. We built and launched Spell to solve these problems.

Our white label billing software is designed according to the latest UI & UX standards and based on years of operational experience designing payment solutions for businesses across multiple industries and regions.

What are the Must-Have Features of White Label Billing Software to Look for?

#1: Easily send one-time invoices

In Spell sending one-time, you start with setting the issue and due date, so customers aren’t guessing when a payment needs to be made. Then you continue with filling in the invoice template, where you can:

  • Specify multiple products;
  • Create and set unique taxes for each product;
  • Add discounts or information about the payment due;
  • Add custom notes for your customers.

Although the initial settings are different, such template structure also is used for subscriptions, as we cover in more detail below.

#2: Create and manage subscriptions

Using subscriptions, your clients will be able to make recurring invoices sent out automatically. In the white label billing solution for subscriptions from Spell, you can set flexible billing cycles. Also, easily set up when these invoices need to go out, such as at the end of the beginning of the month and multiple other features, some of which will be reviewed later in this post.

#3 Customizable templates & branding

Your clients will be able to customise an invoice template with business details and a logo. Ensuring that the software architecture supports cases when one legal entity operates with multiple brands is less important. Spell white label billing solution has it all.

#4: Mobile-friendly & instant payments

Spell’s billing software is connected to online payments to help your clients get paid faster. It’s one of the ways businesses can increase income while making it easier for their customers to pay for one-off or recurring services, with invoices sent to customers by email or SMS.

Business owners are busy doing more and more work-related tasks on mobile devices. They don’t always have the time to sit at a desk to go through payments. With Spell, you don’t need to worry about that. Invoices our software issues are mobile-friendly so that the end-client can pay on any device, wherever they are, at any time.

#5: Fully automated billing via API

Spell comes with a Billing API giving larger businesses the ability to connect Spell to other payment, invoicing, taxation, and accounting systems.

Feature Checklist with Billing to Avoid Pitfalls

Now let’s take a look at major pitfalls which you can easily miss while choosing the white label billing solution for your client’s needs.

#1: Invoicing multiple clients simultaneously

Use the powerful features of the Spell White Label Billing Software to issue hundreds of invoices simultaneously. Although you can amend any of them individually, this critically improves efficiency in case you need to send out manually hundreds (or more) invoices to a group of clients simultaneously.

Spell’s White Label Billing Software includes a “Request Details” feature, which can be priceless, especially in this case. Businesses that don’t have all the relevant details for a client invoice can request them within the embedded flow. This enables a more straightforward process of sending invoices to new customers.

#2: Reminders for unpaid invoices after X days with a custom message

Unpaid and late invoices are one of the most challenging things about running a business. That’s why clients should have an opportunity to automatically or manually send custom follow-up reminder messages (after however many days you consider an invoice late). This makes it easier to get those invoices paid on time.

#3: Set trial periods for subscriptions

Whether you have a 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day trial, you need to set that so a customer is prompted to upgrade or cancel when it ends. You can do this easily within our subscription and billing software.

These are just a few examples of the pitfalls you need to avoid picking the billing software. Want to know others? Just handle a Demo Tour, and one of the Spell executives will unleash them during an online meeting reviewing your business case.

Why Pick Spell for White Label Payment Processing and Billing?

Spell’s white label billing software is a powerful addition to payment providers wanting to accelerate their business and provide a more user-friendly and growth-focused payment solution for companies that issue invoices or accept payments on a subscription basis.

White label billing is an integral part of the Spell white label payment gateway. Naturally, white label billing solutions from Spell come with a core set of payment gateway features, such as API with multiple integration methods, libraries, SDKs, plugins, routing, and other payment tools.

Visa confirms that Spell is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform built on a robust AWS infrastructure, with an impressive 99.999% uptime.

With Spell, instead of taking high-value, long-term tech investment risks, you can be operational with your billing solution in under 1 week!

Handle a Demo Tour, download the Spell Deck and accelerate your business with the best white label billing software on the market! Let’s get Spelling!


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