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Introducing Offers: Embedding Sales Tools Into Payments

Introducing Offers: Embedding Sales Tools Into Payments

Find out details about our Offers and sales-generating tools and how to apply them to your payments business to be ahead of the game.

At Spell, we always look for winning upgrades that will propel your payment business to the next level. That's why we designed and delivered Offers.

Modern companies are constantly looking for marketing mechanics, also known as “sales-generating tools,” that they can embed into their business processes to boost revenues. At the same time, such tools tend to have higher adoption rates and growth potential in the long run.

We thought it would be a great idea to enhance Spell’s payment platform with robust marketing mechanics like Offers to help you and your end users attract and retain customers.

What Is the Concept Behind Offers?

As we launch and develop Spell, we aim to give a competitive edge to our Partners via advanced features and add-ons that help differentiate them from their competitors, offer better pricing strategies, and increase their chances for success.

You can deliver the same concept and benefits to your Clients. Tools within the Offers section cover all aspects of the customer’s lifecycle within the organization. Mainly, they help to:

  • reach out to new customers via referral marketing tools,
  • upsell goods to existing clients,
  • motivate consumers to buy from the brand repetitively.

Jevgenijs Novickis, CEO of Spell, shares his insights on the release:

“We strive to help you get to the next level in the most profitable and effective way. Thus, I believe that Offers are a great addition to our strategy to develop the most advanced toolkit for payments businesses. With this release, we aim to turn payments service providers into business accelerators and update the economy of the payments businesses once again, especially those working with low-risk SME portfolios or willing to have a profitable business in this segment.”

How Can Your Clients Go Live With the Offers Toolkit?

The good news is we’ve embedded the Offers feature into the buying journeys as a no-code solution. That's why any of your Clients can get started independently by easily integrating Offers into their payment flows if the Spell platform is used. No coding skills or IT resources are needed. With just a few clicks, they will be ready to go.

Skyrocket Your Payments Business With Spell

With Spell, you can jumpstart or upgrade your payment business in 1 week, sometimes as quickly as 1 day, to get you winning in the hyper-competitive payments industry.

Spell platform is built on a robust AWS infrastructure, with an outstanding 99.999% uptime, and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, as Visa confirms.

We offer various standard features, such as different integration options, SDKs, and plugins, as well as billing, links for marketing campaigns, payment orchestration tools, digital onboarding, real-time account balances, and many other value-added tools to scale and optimize your payments businesses.

Handle a Demo Tour or schedule your Case Review if you want to know details about the Offers and how to apply them to be ahead of the game.

Let’s get Spelling!

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