All Connections Are Now Free Of Charge

All Connections Are Now Free Of Charge

Learn more about the connections which are already on the Spell list and now can be accessed absolutely for free.

Spell is a top-notch white label platform designed to optimise & scale PayTech businesses.

We’re continually upgrading the platform to improve our clients’ business results and adding new connections to expand our worldwide coverage.

How could we please you even more? Well, from 2023, we’ve decided to charge no deposits or fees associated with using any of the listed connections in Spell.

Spell Connectors List

Some of the most prominent connectors that you can now use for FREE include the following:

- Online Payments: MPGS, CyberSource,, Nuvei, TrustPayments, eMerchantPay, Intergiro, Decta, Flutterwave, Stripe, PayRetailers;

- Account Providers: ClearBank, Nium, IFX;

- KYC & Fraud:, SumSub.

Find over 100 other available connections on this list.

Starting from now, any Spell Partner can switch between the used Connections to expand their coverage globally and provide clients with new offerings anytime without any expense. What’s more, you can add new connections at no cost as well. Feeling interested? Don’t hesitate to schedule your Case Review now.

The Next-Level Play With Spell

All in all, with Spell, you can jumpstart or upgrade your payment business in 1 week, sometimes as quickly as 1 day, to get you winning in the hyper-competitive payments industry.

Spell platform is built on a robust AWS infrastructure, with an outstanding 99.999% uptime, and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, as Visa confirms.

We offer various standard features, such as different integration options, SDKs, and plugins, as well as billing, links for marketing campaigns, payment orchestration tools, digital onboarding, real-time account balances, and many other value-added tools to scale and optimize your payments businesses.

Handle a Demo Tour or schedule your Case Review and accelerate your business with the best white label payment platform on the market!

Let’s get Spelling!

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