Spell Renews Its Presence In The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Spell Renews Its Presence In The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Spell is delighted to share the exciting news that we have successfully reaffirmed our position within Visa's esteemed Global Registry of Service Providers.

Staying in the ranks of Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers demonstrates our team's unwavering commitment to safeguarding our customers' sensitive information.

Rigorous Audits Validate Spell's Security Posture

Gaining the first-tome entry into the Registry was no easy feat. We underwent exhaustive independent audits to validate adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

PCI DSS represents the gold standard for security controls and compliance in the payments industry.

The auditors thoroughly inspected our systems and processes to identify any vulnerabilities or gaps. A few areas they assessed included our:

  • Access controls
  • Encryption methods
  • Vulnerability management program

We exhibited rigorous protections across the board to pass these assessments.

While demanding, these audits provide incredible value for our customers. Rigorous validation from unbiased third parties offers much greater assurance than claims we make ourselves.

As our client, you can feel confident transacting on our platform, knowing we've been thoroughly vetted.

Renewal Distinguishes Spell in a Crowded Market

Nowadays, data breaches make headlines way too often. Customers are rightfully concerned about how safely their personal information is handled. By renewing our status on the Visa Global Registry, we distinguish Spell as a genuinely security-focused partner.

When users are evaluating services to assist with payments, security is a fundamental requirement. Our renewal broadcasts to potential customers that we take protection seriously.

As leaders in the digital paytech space, maintaining robust defenses is an immense competitive advantage. It's a powerful credential that sets us apart.

Ongoing Diligence Is One of Spell’s Core Values

Renewing our status was a proud milestone, but our work is never done. Cyber threats evolve at a dizzying pace, and attackers are endlessly searching for new ways to breach defenses.

Remaining vigilant requires a real commitment for the long haul. We cannot become complacent in the face of innovations or threats.

Each day brings an opportunity to refine and bolster our security programs. Regular audits, penetration testing, and staff training will remain priorities going forward.

While an achievement worth celebrating, renewal on the Visa Registry marks just one chapter in Spell's security journey.

We solemnly accept the immense responsibility that comes with safeguarding customer data. Come what may, we'll continue demonstrating the utmost diligence, agility, and maturity in our approach.

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With Spell, you can jumpstart or upgrade your payment business in 1 week, sometimes as quickly as 1 day, to get you winning in the hyper-competitive payments industry.

Spell platform is built on a robust AWS infrastructure, with an outstanding 99.999% uptime, and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, as Visa confirms.

We offer various standard features, such as different integration options, SDKs, and plugins, as well as billing, links for marketing campaigns, payment orchestration tools, digital onboarding, real-time account balances, and many other value-added tools to scale and optimize your payments businesses.

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